Welcome to Bishop Corrie

In 1958 it was restored to its former status and came to be called Bishop Corrie High School. In the 1978, the school became a Higher Secondary School and is now called C.S.I Bishop Corrie Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. Thus this old school with its noble traditions is striving hard to uphold the noble objectives of its founding fathers by imparting to our students a sound education and training, to be worthy useful citizens of our dear motherland.

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MRS. Christina Arulnathan M.Sc., M.Ed.,
Bishop Corrie Headmistress

It's indeed a privilege for me to be at the helm of affairs of this great institution, which serves as a knowledge hub and centre for growth physically, emotionally academically and spiritually. We are moving into a time and age when knowledge can be gathered through various mediums. But at the same time we know that it is the "school" which moulds a child, and one cant do without a quality school. At the bishop corrie, we focus only on the all round development of the child. We try to provide an atmosphere where children engage themselves in active learning, express themselves without fear and get an opportunity to take part in various co-curricular and extra curricular activities. Building confidence and sowing the finer values of life goes hand in hand along with academic training. In our pursuit for excellence, I believe that the Lord will be our guide, leading us step by step. With His help, and the untiring work of many men and women the U.C. School will scale greater heights in the years to come.

Let us not rest Till we see the best of this, our precious school, 'Bishop Corrie'.

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