The School consists of the following sections with English as the medium of instruction.

The medium of instruction is English and the students are expected to learn three languages from Std. VI- VIII, one of which must be Hindi either as II language or III language.

  1. Primary
  2. Middle School
  3. High School
  4. Higher Secondary
Class Language I Language II Language III
Std. I - V English Tamil Hindi
Std. VI – X English Tamil / French -

Subjects for STD XI and XII:

  • 1st STD to 12th STD – Samacheer Syllabus.
  • 1st STD to 5th STD – Rays series - Ratna sagar publications.
  • 1st STD to 12th STD –Tamil – Jessi publications.
  • 6th STD to 12th STD – Tamil Nadu Government books.

Optional Subjects for Std XI and XII

  • Group - Major Subjects.
  • Group A 1 - Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Group A 2 – Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
  • Group B 1 – Accounts, Commerce, Economics and Business Maths.
  • Group B 2 - Accounts, Commerce, Economics and Computer Science.