School Rules & Regulations

Hand Book

Every Pupil should have a copy of this Calendar, which should be well maintained and brought to school daily. Pupil without it may not be allowed to the class. It should be brought to assembly prayers every day. It lost a new one should be bought from the office.

Punctuality and Attendance

Attendance will be taken before the beginning of every session. Pupils who came late will not be admitted in the class without the permission of the class – teacher or the Headmistress. Late coming will be noted in the calendar and fine will be imposed on the student.

Attendance of the pupils on the first and last working day is compulsory. No pupil may be absent without prior permission in advance. If absence is unavoidable on account of illness or any other valid reason, a letter of explanation duly signed by the parent should be given to the Head-mistress, and a copy to the class teacher. After five days of continuous absence without intimation the student name will be removed from the rolls. If re-admitted, he / she has to pay re-admission fees of Rs.500/- Pupils requiring leave during – class hours must obtain it from Head-mistress before leaving school premises. If a student is sick, parents will be informed by phone to take their ward.


The school uniform is compulsory on all working days and especially on examination days. I.D. Card, Badge, tie and belt must be school clean and tidy.

Uniforms: Stds I – XII

Boys Shirt & Dark Blue Pants, Black leather Shoes with Black socks and School Belt.

Half Pants for STD I – V

Girls: light Blue Shirt & Dark Blue Pinafore, Blue Belt, Black Leather shoes with white socks.

Girls should have their hair plaited. Gold jewellery should not be worn.

All Mondays: White uniform with black shoes and white socks

Respect to the Teacher

When a teacher enters the classroom, the pupils shall stand and remain till the teacher tells them to sit. They should respectfully greet the staff members of the school when they enter the classroom and leave the classroom and whenever they meet elsewhere.


Irregular attendance, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards staff members of the school or bad moral influence justify suspension, enquiry and dismissal as per rules. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and out of school.

Parents’ Co-operation

Parents are expected to be co-operative in the work of the school enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking an interest in their child’s daily progress. Uniform, neatness, completion of home assignments should be looked into before sending the children to school. Children should be brought to school only by parents or anybody approved by the Head-mistress. Parents should not enter the class room during class hours. Parents will not be permitted inside the school during school lunch time. Parents can meet the teachers every Friday from3.40 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.


A student caught copying or indulging in any other malpractices, will not be allowed to write the subsequent examination until the Head-mistress issues a written permission to take the other examinations.

Pupil’s Responsibility

Pupils are themselves responsible for their won book, stationary, cycles, tiffin carriers or any articles they may bring to school.


For the smooth running of the school, no one shall bring into the school any articles liable to prove a source of disturbance; cell phones will be confiscated and will never be returned.

Home work

Pupils who fail to do their home work for their daily lessons may be detained top complete the work under the respective teacher.

Progress Card

It is issued after every examination for stds I-XII. Parents should be present on the OPEN DAYS at the school, to receive the progress card and consult class teachers at these sessions and also meet the Head-mistress, if not a fine will be imposed. Parents are advised to take a photo copy of the quarterly, half yearly report.


Pupils absenting themselves form examinations without any valid reasons will be considered as having failed. Pupils absent with valid reasons will be marked absent.


No parent should try to meet the Head-mistress or the members of the staff regarding promotion. Pupils will not be allowed to continue in the school, if they fail in succession in the same class.