Many Bishop corrie graduating classes celebrate their every 5 years.

The Bishop corrie Alumni Relations will contact your class every 5 years to see if you would like any assistance in planning your reunion.

Typically it is best if 2-3 alumni from each class will volunteer to communicate with the alumni relations office. 

What will the Bishop corrie Alumni Relations do to help me plan my reunion?

  • We will send you all contact information we have in our database for your class.
  • We would love for you to share any updated contact information you receive from your class.
  • We can guide you on setting up a facebook page for your class.
  • We will send out a save the date postcard to your classmates.
  • We will create and mail invitations to your classmates.
  • We are happy to help you secure a venue.
  • We are happy to invite any faculty members you want to include.
  • We can take your class on a campus tour.
  • We can supply Bishop corrie giveaways.