Welcome To Bishop corrie

In the year 1834, a school known as the Parental Academy was started in Sembu Doss Street, Black Town (Now called George Town).

In the year 1836 the name was changed to Madras Grammar School and in the year 1896 it was finally called "Bishop Corrie School", after it's first founder President, the then Bishop of Madras, the Rt. Rev. Daniel Corrie. This School was formerly housed in Sembudoss Street and in the course time owing to fluctuating finances the buildings were sold but the continuity of the school remained unbroken, thanks to the devotion of the famous personalities like Rev. Young Necker, Rev.D.W. Wollenden and Mr.H.P. Mulley. The High School classes were transferred to Doveton School, Vepery while the Middle School section transferred to No.1, Chapel Church Street and the School came to be called Bishop Corrie Middle School.

In 1958 it was restored to its former status and came to be called Bishop Corrie High School. In the 1978, the school became a Higher Secondary School and is now called C.S.I Bishop Corrie Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. Thus this old school with its noble traditions is striving hard to uphold the noble objectives of its founding fathers by imparting to our students a sound education and training, to be worthy useful citizens of our dear motherland, India